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We are an SEO agency that optimises your website or online shop to ensure your potential customers see your exact search result when they are searching for your product or service.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation important?

Iphone SEO

Over 90% of internet traffic is generated by search engines. For many companies, SEO has therefore become the most important marketing channel for acquiring new customers.

High conversion rates can be achieved by targeting potential customers. As a result, SEO measures have a major impact on your sales growth.

The top 5 search results on Google receive two thirds of all the clicks from users. Over 80% of users do not even look at the 2nd page of a search engine.

With the right SEO optimisation, you can sustainably improve your online visibility and save additional marketing budget, as you need less advertising.

Your Partner for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your Partner for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Result

The design of the search result actively influences your click-through rate. The search result contains the meta title, the meta description, a post image and structured data.

Keyword Optimisation

Keyword selection of relevant terms (short-tail keywords) and term combinations (long-tail keywords), which is constantly being expanded.


The content of your website or online shop must be logically structured, professionally written and offer users real additional value.

Image SEO

Around 25 % of all search requests are made via image searches. To appear here, comprehensible image descriptions and alternative texts are necessary.


Too large images, too much Javascript content, content from external providers or incorrect redirects are often responsible for excessively long loading times.

Mobile First Index

Google setzt vollständig auf den mobilen Trend und berücksichtigt mit dem “Mobile First Index” mittlerweile ausschließlich die mobile Version einer Website für das Ranking.

Business Profile

The Google business profile is your digital business card on Google. In addition to the search results, it also displays images and reviews.


Backlinks must come from relevant sources and point to even more relevant content in order to help increase your reach.


Analysis tools such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console should be at the centre of your web analysis. These tools make your SEO results visible.

More Visibility on Google through SEO

More Visibility on Google through SEO

SEO can seem big and complex at first. Let our certified experts advise you in a no-obligation consultation,
because we can only get to know and understand each other in an initial meeting.

Core Web Vitals

Durch die 2021 eingeführten “Core Web Vitals” legt Google immer mehr Wert auf die Benutzererfahrung. Neben der reinen Ladegeschwindigkeit (LCP – Largest Contentful Paint und FIP – First Input Delay) umfassen die modernen SEO-Kriterien weitere relevantere Bereiche, 

die ebenfalls Einfluss auf die Conversion-Optimierung haben. Folgende Bereiche sind aus unserer Erfahrung ausschlaggebend für eine positive SEO-Entwicklung und um nachhaltig in den TOP 10 der Suchergebnisse zu landen:

User Experience

Moderne Anforderungen gehen über klassische Google-Optimierung hinaus. Gute User Experience ermöglicht leichten Zugriff auf Anwendungen, schnelle Verständlichkeit der Benutzeroberflächen und intuitive Bedienung. Google betont zunehmend das Benutzererlebnis, wobei visuelle Stabilität eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

Visuelle Stabilität

Früher galten animierte und bewegliche Elemente auf Websites als innovativ. Mit der neuen Kennzahl “Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)” ist dies vorbei. Google misst die Stabilität des Layouts einer Website und bewertet verschiebende Elemente, die andere Bedienelemente überlagern könnten, als nicht nutzerfreundlich.


Working closely with our valued clients, we have achieved impressive success thanks to our effective online marketing strategies. Our award-winning achievements, such as the German Agency Award®, emphasise the effectiveness of our methods. This shows that our customised online marketing strategies have been instrumental in achieving long-term success for our clients.

B2B SEO Agency

An SEO agency serves a valuable role in the B2B sector, as it helps to significantly improve a company’s visibility among potential business partners and customers. In the B2B environment, purchasing decisions are often more complex and require extensive research on the part of buyers. Through targeted keyword analysis and optimisation, our agency ensures the B2B company’s website appears for relevant search requests.

This enables a more direct and effective approach to the target group. In addition, the agency can assist in the creation of high-quality content that not only increases visibility, but also strengthens the credibility and trust of the company.In addition, the agency can assist in the creation of high-quality content that not only increases visibility, but also strengthens the credibility and trust of the company.
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Our SEO Procedure

FAQ for your SEO Start

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to a range of measures aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the organic (non-paid) search results of search engines such as Google. This is important as many internet users click on the first pages of results when searching the internet. Through effective SEO measures, a website can improve its position in the search results, generate more organic traffic and thereby increase its online presence and findability.
Choosing the right keywords is a crucial part of successful SEO strategies. This means choosing relevant terms and phrases that potential visitors use to search for information, products or services that your website offers. Keyword research tools can help to identify popular and relevant terms.
The duration of an SEO project is highly dependent on the size of your website and your desired goals. There is no general time estimate, as the effort is tailored to the respective situation and your goals. You are welcome to make a non-binding appointment online for an individual consultation. We will go into more detail about the specifics of your SEO project and your goals.

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