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We are a corporate design agency that is not only interested in visually enhancing your advertising materials, but in creating customised and target group-oriented brand designs to present your products and services in a professional and attractive way. With us, you will receive results that will sustainably enhance your company and inspire your target group.

Why is Corporate Design important?

The corporate design (CD) represents the visual appearance of a company. With the help of corporate design, a uniform and clear brand image with a high recognition value is created. This is indispensable in the prevailing oversupply of products and services on the market in order not to get lost in the masses. A good corporate design can also be used to credibly convey a high level of professionalism and reliability and therefore a high price level to potential customers.

Nowadays, 90% of information is received visually. With a good brand design, potential customers can see at a glance what kind of company you are. The first impression determines whether you create an environment of trust with your customers and are perceived as a suitable provider of a product or service. The importance of a good corporate design should not be underestimated and can determine the success or failure of a product or service.

Your Experts for Corporate Design

Our Corporate Design Services

No matter how good and practical a product or service may be, without the right packaging it will not attract much attention from potential customers. We create a modern and professional design that makes the added value of your products and services visible to your target group. It is important that your brand design is eye-catching at all levels, but also consistent at all times. This way, we ensure your brand and your additional value are always recognised by your customers. We provide your company with the professional image it deserves.

Style Guides

give your means of communication a consistent appearance.

Advertising Banners

that make your products and services more visible to the public.

Give Aways

as gifts for your target group at events and for customer visits.

Logo Designs

that reflect the essence and qualities of your brand at a glance.

Business Cards

that attractively present your benefits to your potential customers.


that are effective and sell your products and services.

Professional Partners for Printing Orders

We have the right printing partner for each of your creative ideas. We are happy to take care of the print order for you and therefore the creation of the correct print data as well as discussions, negotiations and consignment checks with a print service provider. You can also contact us at any time for repeat orders and changes.

Agency for
Brand Design

Stuttgart | Baden-Württemberg

We always realise your project with creative results and our proven methodology to your satisfaction.

Agency for
Brand Design

Stuttgart | Baden-Württemberg

We always realise your project with creative results and our proven methodology to your satisfaction.

Areas of Corporate Design

To ensure that your brand is highly recognisable, stands out in an increasingly competitive environment and can be easily differentiated, we look at it as a whole. The right strategy, design and technological basis are therefore indispensable elements that create a corporate identity (CI) tailored to your brand and your target group that will stick in the minds of your customers. This is how we create the best possible overall image of your brand, perfectly customised to your company.

Brand Strategy

With the right strategy for your corporate design, you can help your customers to better identify with your brand and thus ensure long-term customer loyalty. In the same way, you can use your brand design to build lasting identification with your employees.

  • Make corporate values visible.
  • Understand customer needs.
  • Identify market positioning.

Design and Realisation

Your design can make the difference between the success and failure of your brand. Customers expect high-quality services and products from modern and professional-looking companies. With such a perception, you can reach more potential customers, but also establish higher prices on the market.

  • Reach potential customers.
  • Inspire target groups.
  • Improve brand perception.

Digital Interfaces

Brands that are not digitally convincing are generally considered outdated. Rely on our established approach and modernise your digital presence to ensure that it continues to work well for you and your business in the future.

  • Increase website sales success.
  • Generate user interactions.
  • Create design systems.

Corporate Design for B2B Companies

The foundation of your brand must work, especially for high-priced products and services. After all, you can only gain a positive perception among your target group by presenting a serious and professional image. With such a perception, you will achieve a visibility on the market that you previously thought impossible. Generally speaking, a good corporate design should not be underestimated; it is one of the most important elements of any B2B company's external image.

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