The Customer

BI2run GmbH & Co. KG, based in Düsseldorf, stands for excellent German-speaking business intelligence support. With personal contacts, individual support and over 100 years of professional experience, BI2run successfully accompanies BI systems.

The Challenge

In order to be able to better communicate the brand perception, the services and the associated benefits of working with BI2run even more effectively to potential customers, new and modern marketing opportunities were identified.

Our Solution

Our aim was to use new video formats in conjunction with sales-promoting landing pages to actively support visibility on LinkedIn and Google on the one hand and direct contact enquiries and lead generation on the other.

The Result

Our result was a specially produced interview video with experts from IBM and BI2run, which was accompanied by specially composed music, as well as other self-produced and edited videos and explanatory videos, which were enriched with specially created animations. These videos were published on newly designed and developed landing pages and promoted with new Google Ads campaigns and LinkedIn posts.

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