The Customer

Smart Testsolutions GmbH has been a partner in the field of testing and inspection of electronic components for more than 30 years. Their mission is to create products that facilitate the development and testing of electronic and electromechanical component

The Challenge

With great effort, several landing pages were created for the most important products that were not sufficiently visible and found in search engines. At the same time, the landing pages were not convincing enough for potential customers to make contact.

Our Solution

A new, centralised and effective SEO and content strategy was developed for the landing pages to ensure sustainable visibility in search engines. A new, appealing and user-centred (UX) design should ensure that the landing pages can be used for effective lead generation.

The Result

The new Google-optimised landing pages impress with a new content structure and a user-centric and sales-promoting design (including self-created explanatory graphics), which informs potential customers about the products and at the same time encourages them to make contact.

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